Aegina Town

The city, the fish market, the backstreets

- Taste an ice cream (yogurt) in "Tutti-Frutti"
- Stroll around "Iliachtida" and "Fistiki”
  (jeweler's shop, deco....)
- English magazines in the central bookstore
- An authentic Greek tavern "O Skotadis"
- Purchase pistachio nuts from "Kypsli" shop
  at the waterfront
- Internet cafe next to the football stadium
- New ice cream tastes at Pagotomania

Marathonas Bay / Perdika

Deserted island, a ‘Corner of Paradise'

- The outdoor cinema, at the exit of Aegina
- Towards seaside settlement, the beach B
- Perdika, promenade to the waterfront
- A café in Perdika, swings for children
- Ask to the taverns the small boat to Moni


Deserted island, a ‘Corner of Paradise'

- Feed the deers
- Take photos of the peacocks
- Go uphill on foot
- Swim in the clear water of bays

Souvala, Vagia

Seaside villages and water gamess

- Water sports,organized beach of ‘Kamares’
- Taste souvlakis and gyros from ‘Vagia’
- Agios Nektarios Monastery, the gorgeous
  chruch of the Balkans (Kontos)
- Palaia Chora (“OldTown”), walking on the
  island's medieval capital (Kont.)
- Fishing at the coast of KYPSELI
  (shrimp bait)
- Alones : Kosta's tavern for meat


Island at the beautiful coves

- Rent a scooter, a sailing-boat and visit the
  coves and discover all the island
- Skala beach, easy access with children
- Taste a lobster at the Apinisos tavern

Aghia Marina

The beach of the island, waterfront taverns

- Swim to the ‘Sotos’ rocks
- Visit the gorgeous Temple of Aphaia
- Taste souvlakis at "Kipos" (the “Garden”)
- Enjoy an evening cocktail at the bar
  "Barracuda" with seaview
- Family swimming across from "Akrogiali"
  tavern and enjoy an octopus
- Launch under shade of the pines "Folos,
  Honey Tree"

Pacheia Rahi

Authentic village & zoological centre

- Pachia Rahi, traditional restored village by
  germans, cars are prohibited
- A zoological centre of the island
- Wander along the footpaths
- Lazarides, a restaurant in the mountains


Nature, mountains, fishing

- Fishing line from the rock of Portes
- Stop to see goats, horses and calves
- Scenic view from the hillock of Portes